Costumes, Crafts, & Crying

Putting the finishing touches on the Daenerys Qarth dress!

morethanonegaryking ha dicho: ahhh awesome!!! ty, if we hang out i might bring materials down for help becaus eiiiiii am not a very art

sweeet yea thats a thing that can happen!

morethanonegaryking ha dicho: i mean hopefully it wouldn’t be that much ahaha i don’t have a specific budget but also i know i’ll be spending quite a bit? i was thinking paper mache for the head but idk how it’ll look

if you use a cardboard base, i bet it would look fine. Also if you use rice paper and tear it instead of cut it, the fibers mesh more naturally so you dont have any awkward seams between the pieces of paper (like you would if you used newspaper for example). wood putty and celluclay are also good for giving support and creating the texture you want. 

morethanonegaryking ha dicho: that might actually be awesome i’m getting dad’s help on the skeleton but i have noooo idea how to do the face (sculpting it out of foam maybe?? leds in it for the eyes?????)

yeah, you know that stiff pink foam you can buy at home depot? you can layer that stuff up pretty nice and carve it. thats what i did for my Padme wig. it can get pretty expensive though. Theres also the good ol’ Martin&Carl method where they sculpt everything out of chicken wire & cover it with burlap. (tho thats more suitable for the body, not the head i guess). How big are you trying to make it and whats your budget? I cant imagine making a decent kaiju without dropping a grand to make it. 

morethanonegaryking ha dicho: most likely slattern if i can rly buckle down but worst comes to worst i’ll do leatherback

neat! yeah i bet leatherback’s face would be easier to make but idk what you would do about body mass. still, slattern would be rly fun! lemme know if you need a second pair of hands. my experience with making large animal costumes extends only to making a giant fish, but still…

morethanonegaryking ha dicho: god i have soooo much work to do on it tho i’m tryin to get dad to help me and he’s all “but it’ll take up too much roooom where will you stooore it how will you maaaake it” and i’m like dad i have space in my room we can keep it there

lol good luck buddy. when in doubt, use construction foam amirite? which kaiju are you making?



morethanonegaryking ha dicho: GOOD LORD YES!!! (idk if i can do that in time but like. maybe for ab??)

Sweet! Yeah i was planning on wearing cersei to AB anyways so that works out. (I’m also planning on wearing Cherno because ITS KAIJU VS MECHA THEMED AND I’M SO EXCITED)

 morethanonegaryking ha dicho: DO YOU HAVE A JOFFREY YET………..

NO! Do you wanna be my sweet little demonic son? (please please please!) I’m making Cersei for the Game of Thrones day at King Richards fair (end of September).  

Progress on the Daenerys Qarth dress. Gold stripes will be on all of the sheer fabric (took me forever to find a paint that worked!)